Hi I’m Jake Wellings
Life-Coach, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker

Breaking Through is the coaching and mentoring platform that is #yourrootforchange. I connect with the health and wellbeing of your heart, mind, body and soul.

I have a passion and focus on helping you find the key to help unlock the areas of your life which you need and wish to enrich.

I will help you establish and grow a healthy mind-set, hone your life skills to be more resilient and focused, which will aid you in creating value and happiness for your present and future self.

Working with me will change the way you see, feel and relate with areas of your life, which you now believe are challenging, by implementing positive changes.



Coaching and therapy that approaches and challenges your internal belief and attitude toward how you feel, look and relate with yourself



Helping you understand, recognise and find those lost pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to create strong foundations of achievement, fulfilment and happiness



Applying skills and techniques that will help you in any experience to believe in yourself through the most challenging of times

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