Working With Me

Having years in the background of health, wellness and well-being we are able to help, motivate, inspire and encourage you to create the base foundation of positive daily habits and lifestyle through sustainable means. I will help you master your emotional and mental well-being by becoming more self-aware and taking ownership of your life.

I have an insatiable urge to learn about and explore the world we live in to bring the necessary tools that I will challenge you to create, grow and mould a healthier version of you.


What We Can Offer You.

Firstly is it your problem Personal or Professional?

Secondly, what do you wish to improve?

Thirdly, do you want coaching or therapy?

*All sessions are bespoke, they are tailor to your needs, time and circumstances

Personal Programmes

  • checkBuilding Self-Confidence and Self-Identity: Changing the way you feel and relate to yourself – Who am I, am I good enough?
  • checkExpanding on Self-Belief and Creating a “Growth Mindset”: Explore what you really believe to better suit the way you want to live and create positive opportunities.
  • checkExpanding your Awareness: What am I missing here? How will I get there?
  • checkPlan and Positive Outlook: creating a succinct plan from dreams and wishes for the future you.
  • checkCreating A Resilient Emotional and Mental Wellbeing: Explore how we change small habits that have a massive effect on your life.
  • checkSeeking your Soul Mate – Getting into a meaningful relationship and building confidence.
  • checkRelationship Conflict and Resolve/Resolution: Explore how you and your partner can better communicate and better here each other’s needs.
  • checkRelationship Enrichment: Helping you find love for each other again and staying in loving.

Professional Programmes

  • checkIn-School Children Workshops and Talks: Creating a resilient, engaging and happy child through exploring aspects of Self-confidence, Self-belief and Trust.
  • checkSchool Resilient Teacher Training: Explore ways to help and deal with stress management in and out of classrooms. These classes would be discussion and method based approach to suit Primary, Secondary or College year.