Procrastination – your relationship with your willpower and fear.

Do you think that your willpower and your emotions have a weird way of running you? Also, let’s look at how it affects your day-to-day life and achievements?

What does procrastination do for you?

Understanding the ‘WHY’ for procrastinating is great but the most important aspects are paying attention to how you act and behave, the day-to-day routines and techniques that can help you on your way.
How efficient are your current day-to-day doings? By chance have you ever considered these three questions?

What are your real reasons behind your actions? How clear is your plan? How effective are things working for you right now?

There is plenty of content that we can access via the Internet from mentors, gurus, and books. The main thing we need to be aware of is if these tips and techniques are in such abundance. We have all the strategies and routines available to us, why are we not using them and doing it? It comes down to how we feel right now and how we will want to feel in the future.

Before I was a coach I had no aspirations, never planned anything and was about organised as the stock market. So you’ll agree that I was very present in what I did although maybe this was less helpful for years to come.

We live in a world of instant gratification and never really stick to goals because we jump the next thing that makes us happy. Ever thought how tiring this could be on your mind, body and you as a person? I have considered that after close analysis that the one thing that I have found, and I hope you can relate to, is that when you change the state of your body it creates a change of my state of mind – this is profound.

So from this taking into consideration the real reason you do something is because it comes back to happiness and your state. Invest in your life, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said if you want to do the things that you are passionate about and enable you to be happy, you’d have to create a vision rather than setting goals. But setting and achieving small goals this could be a starting point and a way of getting that instant gratification day to day that we seek. By doing this it can only create the stepping stones to really forming a good vision that becomes clear for you. Life does not create deadlines you have to be willing to create them for yourself and commit to them.

Does this seem like a person you want to be?
Just working hard and it becoming your be all and end all, creating goals that just allow you to survive.

I believe you are more than that. You need to add a pinch of working smart and give your time, attention and focus to what is really important and urgent to you. I think we need to recognise that we spend at least two-thirds of our life working not really enjoying this time that we have so much little of (approximately 25,000 days). That does sound like a fun life at all. Is life really always about working to pay the next bill to make sure we stay in the black?

Stop procrastinating and change your focus. Easier said than done, I know.

Les Brown the infamous inspirational speak said “if you spend your life doing the easy stuff then life will be harder if you spend your life doing the hard stuff then your life will be easier.

Stuff may scare you; goals take you to the next achievement and the next. If you’re someone procrastinating because you are unsure at the moment about your vision, try new things and connect with more people this will give the reassurance, encouragement, and happiness to keep you hungry.

If you are someone who knows what they want and is scared or fearful of the consequence:
Firstly these experiences haven’t happened yet and you’re not a psychic;

Secondly, what would you say to yourself if you were 85 years old and sat in a rocking chair would you regrets your decision?

Finally be vulnerable and courageous, you’ll connect more with yourself, more with people and become clearer in what you really want to achieve and having that sense of fulfilment.

So like this blog I just had to start it, for me, there was absolutely no other option. Whatever you are looking to do – just begin it.

Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing badly until you get it right.


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